Our company 10th anniversary

"1st Transporting Company" is one of the leaders on the market of logistic services for the last ten years.
We are a very dynamic developing company focused on unique logistic solutions. Our advantages are precision, reliability and professional competence.

A wide range of our services will satisfy the most exigent customers.

Main activity field of our company - developing and implementation of cargo trucking by using our skilled and explicitly chosen truckers and trustworthy and reliable partners, within Russian Federation and international both.

Not less important in "portfolio" of our company business are railway, sea and air transportation, done in cooperation with corresponding departments all over the world.

For the last 10 years we have experienced lots of any cargo conveyances in different directions with any final destination and by different means of transportation. We are successfully developing most complicated cargo transportation schedules requiring specific resources, knowledge and experience.

Well-trained specialists, perfectly elaborated routing charts, considerable IT-investments, positive feedbacks from clients are evidences of our strong position in logistic business.

We are always taking care about local market specifics, macroeconomic situation and company special targets.
We are always carefully planning and developing entire delivery process in advance, analyzing every operation in order to minimize incurred charges to be borne by every customer.

We take care about our client's maximal satisfaction as a result of the transportation implemented not only by doing conveyance track&trace monitoring online, but also insure the cargo on client's request.

We offer our clients precision and high quality service only. Our general goal is stable, reliable and secure relationships with our clients. We are aware, that such relationships can be achieved by offering top quality service level only.

Even dealing with extremely complicated conveyances we offer more than well elaborated logistic solutions matching our clients' various demands and special requirements.

Our goal - to make one more step forward on our way to success. Our customers' success - our success also!
We work for you to satisfy our clients with high level service in accordance with latest international logistic standards worldwide.