Air transportation

Air transportation - the fastest way for cargo delivery.

One of the best successful business recipes is efficiency and speed, i.e. business environment factors' fluctuation prompt response time, decision speed, mobility and material resources progression speed, of course.

Nowadays there is rather no more convenient and efficient way to deliver the cargo, than transportation by air. In case you have maximally tight deadlines in significant timing schedule - delivery by air is the best and optimal choice to save one of main business resources - time.

In case you have to do urgent air transportation and to escort the cargo to the airport or need some additional forwarding services (cargo check-in, quantity/quality inspection upon arrival and receipt), "1st Transportation Company" is at your service. Our specialists will deliver the cargo to the airport, control loading/unloading process and provide cargo escort and protection.
Our logistic company implements full range of air transportation services for any cargo you need: precious, perishable, oversized, hazardous, combined cargo. Reliability and precision in cargo delivery is the main rule of our company.

We offer our customers:
- professional consulting in issuing of shipping documents;
- insurance;
- cargo customs formalities and paperwork for air transportation;
- air transportation forwarding services.

Our company has steady connections with international and domestic airlines' offices and agents, what enables us to offer you optimized air transportation conditions and services' level in cost/quality correlation respectively. We appreciate every our customer's request and always do our job with top-level quality only.