Outsourced international trade activity

Outsourced international business activities’ assessment and consulting (project development and turnkey implementation)

In case you are interested in your business development and optimization our highly qualified specialists will provide you with professional consulting and assistance services aimed at your business maximal cost effectiveness and profitability due to international business costs involved minimization. "1st Transporting Company" develops and implements international turnkey logistic projects impeccable and perfectly well.

We offer following services:

- Effective supplier search, evaluation and finalization

- Import/export delivery contract legal advisory service and consulting

- Cargo consolidation and delivery schedule professional planning and implementation within Russian Federation and international both.

- Cargo constant tracking online ("track&trace" mode)

- Preparation of full set of documents for incoming cargo customs clearance, arriving in Russian Federation from any country of the world

Supplier search Ccost efficient and ideal terms of delivery

We implement suppliers/product's search, evaluation and choice within Russian Federation and abroad both, provide consulting support in issuing documents required, customs clearance formalities advisory services and cargo delivery. We offer full range of logistic services, starting with delivery contact details evaluation and up to final cargo delivery to the point of destination.

We have vast experience in reliable suppliers' search, offering best prices and delivery terms and conditions. We take our full responsibility for the entire international logistic project implementation and justify our customers' trust in us during every transportation procedure, developing open customer-oriented relationships C it is our recipe for success.

There is no barriers for our business relations

"1st Transporting Company" cooperates with many international companies and is able to locate lucrative suppliers in every country of the world. Due to the fact, that we deliver cargoes worldwide and use all types of transportation, including multimodal deliveries, cooperation with us is easy for you and makes your business more profitable.

Just contact us, if you are looking for mutually beneficial business relationships with direct goods' producers to optimize delivery terms and conditions.

Just fill in our request form on our website C our experienced specialists will find for you requested goods or producing companies, prepare all needed documents, conclude the contract, develop transportation schedule and deliver the goods. All for you with consideration for your interests.

Customs clearance formalities' optimization

In case you don't want to have cargo delivery delays at frontier point or customs terminal C please address the specialists, who have enough experience in Russian customs legislation specifics and know constantly changing goods' import/export regulations and restrictions thoroughly C "1st Transportation Company" professionals.

We implement a full range of logistic and customs (import/export/transit) services, arriving in or being exported from Russia with all types of transportation.

We are ready to optimize customs clearance formalities, verify customs tariff-codes, calculate preliminary official customs payment value/amount, supply you with warehouse/terminal handling services in accordance with special logistic schedule. We can also legally represent you interests in official bodies or authorities, if needed.

Outsourced international business activities' assessment, development and implementation and customs formalities' optimization by "1st Transportation Company"-professional business at customer's service.