Railway transportation

Railway transportation - secure and simple.

"1st Transporting Company" is dealing with railway transportation throughout Russian Federation, CIS countries and abroad for many years, what makes you sure in our profound expertise and professionalism in cargo conveyance with any rolling stock type.

There is one most accepted and reliable in our up-to-date business environment railway conveyance mode - railway container transportation. Container transportation is very common in multimodal conveyance especially.

Sealed in closed space cargo is hidden from any external interference, hostility factors and environmental aspects (e.g. weather conditions); not undergoing any additional terminal handlings, un-/reloadings, i.e. railway container conveyance is the safest and most secure delivery mode, what is the major point while choosing the optimal way of cargo transportation.

We offer:

- cargo railway-tariff calculation for all railway modes;
- complex cargo security, guarding, track&trace and detection services;
- railway routing scheme reconciliation with RZhD official bodies for oversized and special cargoes;
- cargo express delivery;
- refinery and telecommunicational equipment conveyance;
- heavy-weight and oversized cargo transportation;
- receiving and dispatching of any rolling stock type (platforms, cars, opentops, containers);
- forming and dispatching mixed/combined cargo;
- "door-to-door" transportation;
- cargo packing, marking, sealing with angles and palletizing;
- terminal handling;
- advisory assistance in issuing shipping documents and customs clearance procedures.

We can arrange multimodal "door-to-door" container delivery on client's request, e.g. the goods are being loaded at shipper's warehouse into container, sealed carefully, dispatched by railway to a seaport and delivered to final destination at buyer's premises by truck or vessel.

During such kind of transportation cargo loss, damage and pilferage risks are minimized drastically. Our company arranges cargo international railway conveyance aimed at cost saving and at secure delivery of any goods (products, equipment, other types of cargo) in proper time and at right place.

We use railway conveyance for transportation of dangerous goods, bulk, combined or oversized cargo and perishables in thermo-controlled reefer containers in compliance with all safety provisions.

Our company specialists will develop and confirm a special loading and strapping charts, work out a routing schema, prepare all needed shipping documents and calculate preliminary transportation costs.

Railway conveyance has its own specifics in freight transportation organizing and implementation, e.g. unlike cargo trucking in railway transportation there is a prepayment condition. Costs are being calculated according to railway tariffs from RZhD (Russian Railways) head office and Russian Federal Railway Tariff Agency centralized. The amounts are to be transferred within 10 days before cargo departure with prior request in 30 days' time. This rule has been set by Russian Railways authorities' regulation.

"1st Transporting Company" is dealing with railway transportation for many years. That is the reason for you to have sufficient trust in our professional approach to your cargo conveyance with any rolling stock available.