Sea transportation

Sea transportation worldwide.

"1st Transporting Company" offers you a wide range of container transportation services by sea for any cargo type. Sea transportation is not the fastest delivery mode for sure, but this lack is being compensated by its reliability and relatively low delivery service costs.
Moreover our company effects sea container transportation at reasonably low rates for our customers thanks to our close and mutually beneficial cooperation with almost all sea ports and forwarding agents worldwide. Well developed network of port terminals and warehouses enables cargo storage, consolidation and further delivery. We establish sea and multimodal transportation with all kind of routing scheme.

That is the reason for you to address our company if you are faced with the problem of delivering the cargo from China, the United States or any other country. We can offer you the full range of logistic services:

1. we will send appropriate empty container for cargo loading at your supplier's site according to delivery conditions (see Incoterms 2000);
2. our representative will control terminal handling, loading and dispatch of the cargo and seal the container properly on customer's request;
3. we will operatively deliver already loaded and sealed container to the port of departure;
4. we will issue the full set of shipping documents to be enclosed;
5. we will insure your cargo;
6. we will receive the cargo for delivery, provide storage and port terminal handling;
7. we will acknowledge container receipt at port of destination and inform you accordingly;
8. we will arrange container final "to-door" delivery in right time (your site or warehouse);
9. your cargo can be directly shipped to European or Asian consolidation hubs in accordance with our combined transportation service;
10. according to "door-to-door" delivery service the cargo will be delivered to the receiver's warehouse directly.

Our advantages are:

- lucrative for our customers and cost-efficient sea freight rates;
- cargo consolidation;
- full terminal handling and forwarding services;
- customs paperwork advisory service;
- cargo insurance.

Sea transportation with "1st transporting Company" is not only simple, it is secure and cost-efficient!