Trucking services

Trucking services - «door-to-door» delivery.

Well and smoothly running up-to-date cargo delivery system is one of the main rules of every successful business. "1st Transporting Company" provides our clients with efficient and highly qualified trucking services, international and within Russian Federation both.

Cargo trucking transportation advantages are evident:

- trucking is beyond fixed schedule;
- trucking is highly optimized and safely routed the best way;
- direct "door-to-door" delivery without any additional cargo handling.

That is the reason we offer our clients trucking services on a first-priority basis as a fast and most secure "door-to-door" carriage type.
Our company provides our customers with a wide range of vehicle types for any possible cargo haulage: perishables, oversize, heavy-weight, dangerous and combined cargoes.

All vehicles are equipped with special inventory, hardware and GPS-devices to minimize transit time, to track-and-trace ongoing cargo status online and to finalize haulage in due time. Our company is able to provide our customers (on client's request) with full information about actual transportation status anytime.

Trucking service vehicle types:
- tarpaulin trailers and semitrailers with loading capacity 36-96m3;
- reefers for perishables with loading capacity 60-92 м3;
- chassis for DC's;
- low-loaders for oversized/bulk cargo;
- high capacity trailers 96-120 м3
- flat racks 12,5-13,6 м
- other vehicle types' details and characteristics you can see on corresponding our web-site tabs.

Highly qualified and experienced professionals from our company will select appropriate vehicle type in accordance with your requests and special cargo data both.

Our specialists will develop the shortest and the safest delivery scheme for your cargo, insure the cargo and issue full set of shipping documents enclosed.

Cooperating with our company you can always count on our professional team and our absolute attention to your needs.