Combined cargo transportation

Combined cargo transportation - obvious bargain.

Combined cargo transportation from different suppliers with one vehicle is your case, when you need minor quantity goods' transportation. It is convenient and profitable. Combined cargo conveyance enables minor quantity delivery considerable cost reduction while optimizing vehicle payload. In other words it is cost-efficient for you to divide delivery costs among all cargo owners involved.

Combined cargo delivery makes possible cutting transportation costs and minimizing of transit times due to the multiple affiliated network and our warehouses' advantageous location. Our company specialists' approach to every cargo conveyance is always rational and responsible irrespectively of the customer company name and its general cargo flow.

We have spacious, fully equipped warehouses for your cargoes' secure storage and terminal handling at disposal.

We implement combined cargo international transportation successfully (including customs formalities, if required) and within Russian Federation both. We evaluate combined transportation routing possibilities thoroughly before starting every single transportation, conclude the contract and assist in preparing full set of shipping documents for transportation and customs formalities /consulting and advisory services/, if needed. We deliver the cargo on "door" receiver's warehouse or "door" our warehouse terms for further receiver's pickup and final delivery. We effect combined cargo transportation not as one-time-delivery only, but we do it on regular/scheduled basis.