International transportation

International transportation - when everything is developed in detail, up and running.

"1st Transporting Company" organizes and implements international conveyances perfectly well and guarantees high reliability and prompt cargo delivery into any country you need.
Are you interested in professional cargo transportation? Our company develops transportation processes in strict following international cargo conveyance regulations.
International cargo transportation involves lots of special issues not to be neglected in any way, otherwise they can result in major disadvantages and negative implications.

International cargo transportation service includes:

- "door-to-door" cargo delivery;
- forwarding services;
- cargo "track&trace" updates online;
- force-majeure route adjustment;
- security and protection issues and procedures;
- cargo and conveyance insurance;
"1st Transporting Company" implements international conveyances considering all your requests and cargo specifics by every concrete delivery, what enables efficient cost saving and maximal profitability. We guarantee top quality service level including full range of international conveyance complex.
You can exercise our terminal/warehousing services and get professional customs issues consulting assistance also. Our specialists can provide you with advisory assistance on the following issues (for more details see "International Trade Affairs' Consulting Outsourced" web-inlay):
* import/export contract elaboration, concluding and finalizing,
* customs formalities' flowchart consulting and detailed comments,
* excise articles specifics' comments,
and are able to provide you with any possible professional logistic consulting including, but not limited to:
- customs tariff-codes ("ТН ВЭД") defining, correction and consulting,
- preliminary official customs duty amount calculation,
- documents preparation for international trade affairs (e.g. for official customs terminal registration or/and cargo declaration filing).

International cargo transportation can be cheaper and more lucrative, than it supposed to be.

The routing chart determines not only cargo transit times, but delivery costs and additional charges included also. While doing international logistics we have optimized conveyance routing charts in order to minimize delivery time and costs involved. In case none of our offers matches your expectations, our specialists will work out individual international routing chart for every single delivery.
We do all possible international cargo transportations you need, including dangerous goods, oversized and combined cargo conveyance. Every transportation order for us is a new possibility to prove to our customers, that international cargo delivery is as easy as high the professionalism of the logistic company executives.