Oversized and heavy cargo transportation

We transport any oversized and heavy-weight cargo you need.

How to optimize transportation of yachts, construction equipment or other oversized and/or heavy-weight cargo achieving optimal delivery costs, calculated individually for every single delivery? Just contact "1st Transporting Company". We will do for you the best, we can.

We organize transportation of oversized, heavy-weight or cargoes on platform of extra-length within Russian Federation and abroad both.

You need to ship special construction heavy-weight equipment or non-standard oversized containers to a new site? From yacht to drilling rig, anything you want - we deliver, safely, fast and at reasonable rates.

"1st Transporting Company" renders services and support in applying for special cargo transportation permit for low-loaders and trailers for extra-heavy or oversized equipment of all types in order to avoid any possible complications during delivery: e.g. construction equipment weighting up to 120tons or yachts with length up to 36meters).

Our experienced logistic specialists will work out and optimize any delivery chart for non-standard cargo and its fixing system from dispatch point on up to final destination. Due to routing chart there should be issued several city/interregional/international transportation permits for oversized cargo in certain cases also.

Traffic capacity, highway restrictions and limitations (e.g. bridges, junctions, power lines and crossroads) prevent using general transportation routing. All possible transport complications during such deliveries are to and will surely be eliminated by our professionals easily.

You have oversized cargo in case its dimensions (length, width, height and volume) exceed unified common standards, i.e. cargo length - more than 20m, width - more than 2.55m and height - more than 4m (dims loaded, i.e. aggregated with vehicle).

By railway transportation there are different restrictive parameters and formulae. Besides the railway oversized cargo fixing chart is to be combined and officially confirmed by major station officer. Our company will take care about issuing shipping documents needed.

Our specialists take into consideration different complicated multilevel logistic points while transporting oversized and heavy cargo. We overtake every delivery inside and out, following up all safety rules and special logistic regulations for above mentioned type of transportation.